A unique beverage that tastes good,

feels good and does good

5 simple ingredients that aid in digestion, boost immunity and promotes clear skin

As culinary scientists, we change the narrative of food waste

15 Mn pounds of avocado seeds go to the landfill each week

Built a supply chain for avocado seeds

57% of the antioxidants in an avocado!

We extract the antioxidants though a propritory process

Create a delicious and functional beverage

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Compost the seeds, to make avocados more sustainable!

A delicious drink

brimming with benefits

As the founders of Reveal, we were sure that we would never put anything into our drinks that we wouldn’t give to our families and after 200 iterations of recipes - these are the 5 ingredients you’ll get in every bottle. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Avocado seed extract - Avocado seeds contain powerful antioxidants - and with Reveal you get the benefits of two seeds in every bottle!

Organic apple cider vinegar- Apple Cider Vinegar is an age old recipe that is known to help keep your gut healthy, stablize your blood sugar, and even suppress hunger. We use an organic, unfiltered Apple Cider vinegar. But being food scientists, we found a way to disguise the flavor so you can now get all the benefits without the overpowering taste.

Allulose - Allulose is a low calorie sweetener found in figs and raisins. Interestingly it is 70% as sweet as sugar, has 1/10th the calories and has no artificial sweetener aftertaste. We use just a tad bit - to make a light refreshing drink that keeps you coming back for more.

Natural flavors - like everything else in the drink, we wanted to be sure to use natural flavors instead of artificial ones.

Organic malic acid - Malic acid originally comes from apples and we use it to help ensure that Reveal is safe to bottle and drink. It also adds a bit of tang that makes Reveal just delicious.

Comes in 3 unique Flavors

Grapefruit Lavender

Mango Ginger

Rose Mint

Our Story

After peeling and pitting a whole case of avocados for guacamole, I ended up with a small bowl of guac and a huge bowl of peels and seeds.

As a culinary scientist, I wondered what else I could do with them if I didn’t throw them away. I was surprised to find that over 50% of the antioxidants in an avocado are hidden in the seed - and we throw 15 million pounds of them each week! After 3 years of learning and experimenting - I decided to make a business out of it.

As a female and minority founder - I believe that when business is done right it gives more back to the community than take from it. As a company, we promise to use our platform to do good and make our community a more inclusive, sustainable one.

With Reveal we are striving to create a holistic business that uses the unloved parts of food in a creative way to contribute to:

- Our customers

- Our community

- Our ecosystem

We are a small business with big dreams and we want to go on this journey to a more sustainable future with you!